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School Facilities

Our school is blessed with a large gymnasium which is used for physical education classes, dinners, banquets, concerts, musicals and fundraising events. Our students and staff enjoy the use of large, spacious classrooms, a computer lab, library and chapel area. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful facility!








We follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education and Training of Ontario. In addition, our school offers an excellent French program that begins in grade one.  We offer unique musical opportunities instructing the students to play the recorder, tone chimes and ukuleles. Our academic program seeks to do much more than cover Ministry guidelines. Our daily devotions, prayer times, weekly Bible study and Chapel provides our students the opportunity to grow in their academic knowledge, as well as grow in their walk with God. With smaller class sizes and a strong Biblical foundation, we are able to meet or exceed the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. All topics are presented with Biblical truths
as foundational building blocks in the students’ learning.


Our Staff

Our Ontario certified teachers continually strive to deliver an academic program that meets or exceeds the expectations of the Ontario curriculum. Their faith in God is front and centre in the classroom and provides an excellent standard for students to model their lives after.







Extra Curricular

There are many extra-curricular opportunities for the students to participate in at PCS. There are intramurals, field trips, musicals and student council to name a few. Plattsville Christian School belongs to the Christian Athletic Association of Southwestern Ontario (CAASO). We have participated in floor hockey tournaments, cross country meets, and five-pin bowling tournaments. Each year, PCS participates in a track and field meet competing against area Christian schools and Homeschoolers. Every other year, Plattsville Christian School endeavours to produce a large musical production involving all of the staff and students.



Special Events

One of the jobs of our Student Council is to plan out monthly ‘Special Days’ where we can dress down and have a little fun! Student Council is made up of students in grades 5 through 8. They meet at least once a month to plan out special activities for the school. In addition to Special Days, Student Council also plays a role in choosing mission projects such as “World Vision” or for our local food bank.





Daily Schedule

Our classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and the students are dismissed at 2:40 p.m.


Each student is to bring a packed lunch.  We have a weekly hot lunch day on which pizza or salads and milk or juice may be purchased.



School Uniforms
We require all students to wear a uniform during school hours and school-sponsored activities. The uniform provides a standard look and a sense of cohesiveness. It is our belief that the uniforms foster a sense of community within our institution, a respectful learning and teaching environment and an attitude of self-respect and respect for Plattsville Christian School.






Parent Involvement

We are committed to having parents actively involved in the school. Being involved in fundraising, class field trips, holiday dinners and having a firm belief that the school is an extension of the home has created a strong sense of family at Plattsville Christian School. We believe that each student’s whole person—body, soul, and spirit—benefits from this strong partnership between school and parents.






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