Relationship to God

To teach on a consistent daily basis, in a practical and relevant manner, the infallibility of the Word of God, the teachings concerning God and Jesus, the need for personal redemption through faith in the atoning work of Jesus, and the role of the Holy Spirit to enable a person to live the Christian life.



To impress upon each student that they have been created by God and given unique abilities by Him; they are very special persons for whom God has a special purpose.


Our educational standard is to ensure that competence in communication and computation is obtained and to encourage the development of academic skills for post-elementary education.



The Development of the Student
To have a total program that is pupil related, a system of proper assessment and evaluation in place. The philosophy of the school must be tangibly seen in moulding and nurturing young lives.





The Home
Working together on a student’s development plan will strengthen the student, build a supportive role between the school and the home and in general will set a Christian example in the community.